FIU School of Music Presents 7 Pieces of Silver

A Graduate Recital by Trumpeter Orlando Haddock




This album, which I produced during my time at FIU, represents a personal capstone project. The purpose of this project was to give me the ability to take the knowledge and theory I acquired and apply it to the creation of a finished musical product. La Voce Della Tromba By Orlando Haddock

This project presents an exceptional compilation of my favorite selections from the most indelible musicals of the 20th century. Growing up in New York, the musical theater atmosphere has always been second nature to me! Meaning, I had the privilege and benefit of having enjoyed live performances of every one of these shows (most more than once).

Musical theater has produced some of the most magnificent and memorable compositions in popular music. Designed to form part of a dramatic performance, this style of music has the intention and power to make us laugh, cry, or even rejoice.

Now, I invite you to sit back and indulge in the rich and colorful timbres of the trumpet, as presented on this splendid collection of celebrated Broadway hits. By the way, in case you are still intrigued and wondering, the title of the album means the singing voice of the trumpet.